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The Society Club boutique is situated in ‘Le Metropole’ near the famous Casino of Monte Carlo in the heart of Monaco. Dennis Zegerius, its founder, was seduced by the work of Ferrucio Laviani, the Italian architect who has made a profound mark on international design.

The boutique exemplifies round and curvaceous forms in metal accentuated perfectly by marble and wood. Within this structure, Dennis Zegerius, has magnificently created his own ‘dressing room’ exclusively constructed for the Modern Man.

In 1986, date of its establishment, Society Club went in search of the best fashion designers for men in order to sell in Monaco.

The very demanding selection made by Dennis Zegerius is unceasingly enriched with new references which this avant-gardist continues to discover around the world.

Society Club offers every season an exceptional array from the great French, Italian, English and American fashion houses.

Society Club has emerged as the rendez-vous point for men’s fashion in Monaco. Any visitor or prestigious resident in the Principality is attracted by the contemporary, modern and individual fashion offered by Society Club. 

International football players, well known tennis players, famous racing drivers, rock stars and Hollywood elite all appreciate the allure, choice and advice of this outstanding boutique year after year.