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The art of designing exceptional jewelry is grounded in the ability to make unique connections. Choice materials are thoughtfully combined in a synergistic way to create aesthetic masterpieces. Moreover, there is an emotional connection when an individual is linked to a special piece with which they can identify.






For Maor Cohen, his fashion-forward and exquisite jewelry designs are rooted in his eclectic life experiences, commitment to honest expression, and love for the art of creating. His talent first garnered public attention within the small town he was raised near Northern Israel; where as a teenager he worked in a local jewelry store, artfully crafting bracelets and necklaces. As his passion for design grew, Maor began to travel internationally for new inspiration. He would come to draw a great deal from his journey – being influenced by the bold characteristics of different cultures, the remarkable contours of foreign landscapes, and the stylistic possibilities he saw in each country’s indigenous materials.




Soon Maor arrived in Los Angeles, and was quickly recognized by both American and International tastemakers alike, for his innovative style and trend-setting designs. Since launching his West Hollywood boutique, Maor’s A-List clientele includes an array of high-profile figures in entertainment and fashion, including: Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Bon Jovi and more.




Maor is a true creative visionary, consistently releasing innovative collections that are both chic and spirited. From stand-alone pieces to layering, elaborate designs to the most subtle of accents – Maor’s jewelry is carefully made with a very specific purpose.




His mantra is, “There’s nothing greater than being able to share the art inside of you.” With that, Maor remains dedicated to forging his industry forward, shaping style trends, evolving the male perception of accessories, and connecting with people – one piece of jewelry at a time.


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