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« It's that way of taking aim and shooting fast and sharp that I call style. »  JEAN COCTEAU



Despite its English-sounding name, J.M Weston embodies a very French – and more precisely, very Parisian – form of elegance, in which timeless style is given a bold twist with contemporary influences. The great classics are injected with the freshness of a rather nonchalant rock ‘n’ roll aristocracy, rich and raw materials rub shoulders, calfskin suede goes hand in hand with box leather, cashmere is found alongside denim, and the medallion wing-tip derby echoes the loafer. 


Decipher codes, confuse the issue with precision and lightness ; this is the art of the French style. Master the opposites, new associations, different eras. Inspire spirit and charm to a classic style with rigour and idealism, realism and impertinence. 







J.M. Weston, traditional shoemaker for more than 120 years, enhances and reinterprets classic codes with audacity. Building on the excellent craftsmanship of its Limoges factory, the brand continues to evolve, reinventing itself without ever compromising its search for timelessness. Each new style, new leather, new detail of manufacturing is conceived in its workshops to enhance the feet of men and women. More than just a shoe, the loafer, derby or oxford shoe become a walking companion, a reflection of an easy-going lifestyle and of resolute elegance.








The only shoemaker with its own sole leather tannery, the manufacturer takes time to do its job at the heart of the Tannerie Bastin in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat. Here, a few kilometres from Limoges, is where skin becomes leather. Using traditional techniques, nature, helped by man creates the best quality leather. Leather soles timeless. 




An apt description of the environment in the Tannerie Bastin. Founded in 1806, this leather establishment became part of J.M. Weston in 1981 and exclusively produces the sole leather for the factory’s shoes.The Tannerie Bastin sets itself apart through its traditional vegetable tanning methods, giving the leather an unrivalled durability and the shoes their exceptional quality. The skin goes on a long journey, punctuated by steps where nature, time and the craftsman work together. 




Respecting the unhurried pace and the rare craft, the Tannerie Bastin perpetuates a manual skill, far removed from any industrial consideration.







One single factory in Limoges where all the collections crafted on leather soles, are produced using traditional shoemaking techniques. The J.M. Weston shoe tells a story of skilled 

men and women: more than 195 employees are working in the Limoges workshops. 



It takes two months to produce a pair of shoes and over 150 procedures are required for each model (cutting the leather, stitching the upper, cutting the sole, assembly, hand finishing, etc.). 


Everything is in the detail, as some things can be felt but not seen – the cotton thread, calfskin lining, leather reinforcements on each and every model.







J. M. Weston's know-how is illustrated through creations combining craftsmanship and traditional techniques inherited from its outstanding history: precious materials, arrays of colors, leather made with vegetal tannin offering a thousand combinations. This distinctive feature plays its full role in the special order : whether in coloured box leather, exotic skins, grained or suede calfskin, customisation is expressed in a discreet yet bold color palette. 



J.M. Weston's expertise is also reflected in the riding boots. A range of models are all based on the unique Saumur last, with its distinctive rounded tip: specialist boots for horseback trekking, hunting on horseback, polo ... 




J.M. Weston makes also boots for the French Republican Guard. From cutting the leather to hand-finishing, they spend eight weeks in the Limoges workshops, undergoing around 200 procedures involving the techniques employed by the master shoemakers. Made to measure (according to the foot size, height of the leg, back of the knee, calf, mid-calf, ankle and heel girth of the rider), the boots meet the most stringent quality standards.


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