List of products by brand RICK OWENS

"Inspired by his wife and muse Michele Lamy, Owens gives a new meaning to the idea of functionality through a monumental minimalism embodied into unique pieces which show the glorious decay of time passing.

The apparent simplicity of each designs hides an inherent complexity arising from the selection of rare and arduous working materials."

"Owens’ furniture speaks a language of juxtapositions.

As he makes decisions about materials and form, he works to achieve a balance between ideas that originate from opposite ends of the scale.

It’s really about juxtaposition and contrast.

Many of the pieces use everyday material such as plywood, next to rare and luxurious products like alabaster', - says Owens. He highlights that this concept can be applied to society.

It’s like the world around us, it’s a mix of high and low. If you have too much of one or the other it can be nauseous, but to appreciate one you need the other. It’s all about balance.”