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Today is a special day for me, as I’m about to take you through probably the most extraordinary luxury hotel experience I have ever lived. The perfect blend of excellence, unique character and tradition, let’s unveil the new HPMC321 Dom Pérignon P2 1998 Suite located in the iconic Monte-Carlo Hôtel de Paris—an experience designed to stimulate the senses that’s fueled around the exceptional Dom Pérignon Second Plénitude 1998 cuvéeThe weather is absolutely perfect as I’m cruising through Monte-Carlo in a classic Bentley, the new Continental GT V8 Convertible in the palest shade of blue. I love its rounded exterior and the symphony of sounds the V8 engine makes as you’re driving with the top down.
The re-imagined interior is just as stylish and strong, outfitted in the finest of materials paying careful attention to detail.Just as I’m about to step out of the car and head into the Hôtel de Paris, the mythical monument that has been welcoming high-profile guests and stars from around the globe since opening in 1864, my new Vertu phone starts ringing.
A friend’s flight is delayed so it looks like I’ll have a bit of alone time to relax at the hotel before going out later tonight.
The Clous de Paris Alligator edition of the Vertu Signature Touch has got to be one of my favorite new accessories. Handmade in England with the finest of craftsmanship, this phone is truly stunning and the cutting-edge of technology—exactly what I need. It has a large sapphire crystal touch screen, high performance processor making each task quicker than the next, and a 21-megapixel camera with ultra-high definition 4K video capture.Coincidence or not, the Society Club Store Monaco outfit I’m wearing is also blue and just so happens to match the Bentley I’m driving. You may already know by now that I love Society Club Store Monaco and wear a lot of the shop’s pieces, since they have a great selection from some of the best designers.
My jacket is Seraphin, a French luxury menswear leather manufacturer known for its high-quality work and traditional artisanal skills that sources some of the best leather from around the globe.
Just underneath I’m sporting a flower print Tom Ford shirt that throws in a more relaxed vibe for the afternoon.Top that off with a nice pair of jeans and Common Projects blue glossed-leather sneakers and my outfit is just the right proportion of elegant and casual for a stroll around the Place du Casino.