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The Last Conspiracy ´s are far more than just shoes . “Avant d’être un studio de création, nous sommes d’authentiques cordonniers. »

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The arrangement of masculine wardrobes, requires a strong foundation. Shoes are often the basis for each sartorial choice we make. Our pieces aim to cater to discerning men, that appreciate quality and true craftsmanship. Each pair is made to support your lifestyle, wherever you are or might find yourself. Diversity is also key in the collections, ranging from sleek derbies, to sturdy boots and flexible sneakers. The leathers are handpicked by our atelier, altered, re-worked and constructed by the diligent hands of our local artisans. Each finished pair is proud example of the union between traditional values and forward thinking innovation.

Do it like Bond

During the yacht show event 2017, “Do it like Bond” with a private TOM FORD Made-to-Measure appointment at Society club Monaco.

When it comes to luxury, no-one does it better than TOM FORD. World-renowned for his decadently designed, meticulously crafted creations, TOM FORD undoubtedly comes top of the list for every luxuriously minded fashion fan.

Well now, those lucky boys have even more reasons to love the doyen of designs works, thanks to their Made-to-Measure service, taking place in the store during the yacht show event between 28-29 September, 2017.
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