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The third floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
has been transformed for the occasion in an American scenic landscape,
where big cars were set next to bikes, in the middle of pines and tires.
The scene was used to stage the new Belstaff collection
with a sexy Seventies feel. Inspired by the 1971
American documentary film “On Any Sunday”, about motorcycle sport,
which stars Steve McQueen, among others,
the Belstaff designers duo Frederik Dyhr and Delphine Ninous
created a wardrobe which will worth admiration of
all motorcycle racers and racing enthusiasts.

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Spring Summer 2017

by Belstaff

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Spring Summer 2017

Leather of course dominated the collection, alongside denim. Leather came in several colorways: black, yellow, caramel, burgundy, gray or white, while patterns belong to jardon of the race, such as diamond or stars. Knits completed the dressing room with fitted cuts and natural fabrics, like this gray one was made from cotton cashmere.

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