Winter collection 2016-2017

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Balmain man knows neither discretion nor sobriety! He loves glittering luxury, gilding and sparkling.
Like Paris, the City of Lights, Balmain man designed by Olivier Rousteign must shine like a new prince. Embroideries, trimmings, padded leather, oufits black and gold silk, hussars with gold buttons and embroideries, fur and velvet, Balmain man is not be afraid of anything to stand out and bet is successful!

Do it like Bond

During the yacht show event 2017, “Do it like Bond” with a private TOM FORD Made-to-Measure appointment at Society club Monaco.

When it comes to luxury, no-one does it better than TOM FORD. World-renowned for his decadently designed, meticulously crafted creations, TOM FORD undoubtedly comes top of the list for every luxuriously minded fashion fan.

Well now, those lucky boys have even more reasons to love the doyen of designs works, thanks to their Made-to-Measure service, taking place in the store during the yacht show event between 28-29 September, 2017.
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